Love-inspired Recipes

Violet: “Mum, what are you doing with this carrot?”

Me: “Nothing wrong, I swear. Just chatting.”

Boon: “I’m staaaaarving. Ask your carrot if I can eat it.”

Me: “As soon as I’ve found a way to take a decent photo of it. Meanwhile, ask your brother to lay the table and wash your hands.”

Violet: “Why do you want a picture of this carrot anyway?”

Me: “It’s for my new blog.”

Violet: “What’s this one about?”

Me: “Food and love. Maybe a bit of fitness too.”

Violet: “Food and love? How strange!”

Me: “Well, I want to talk about all the recipes people I love inspire me.”

Violet: “You’re mad, mum! How can you see food when you look at us?”

Me: “I don’t know. It just happens. When I look at you, for example, I see pancakes, pickles, peonies, prawns… and I make a little story with these ingredients.”

Boon (hands washed): “Awsome! I love you so much, mum, I want to eat you sometimes.”


Don’t you think cooking is about serving love in dishes?

For years, I used to work with perfumers. They are extraordinary artists. Most of them live in the shade of their fragrances but they really deserve to be known. They can look at someone and imagine a perfume – and smell a fragrance and imagine someone. I have very often opened bottles with the feeling I was freeing volatile characters out.

Well, it is the same with food, I think.

There are no djinns in my plates but I can look at someone and imagine a recipe, especially if I love this person. Don’t you? The only challenge I want to force myself into is by creating healthy recipes because loving also means taking care, right?

So, Welcome on board of Romeo In The Kitchen! (and let’s forget about these carrots. They definitely don’t want to pose today)