Too Hot for a Monday, Too fast for a Sunday

I am not on holiday yet but my body thinks I am. This soft morning drink is made of coconut water and mint tea ice cubes prepared with mint leaves, pink peppercorn, lemon and daisies. My tastebuds believe it is worth a try.

Monday Inspiration #1

My Monday inspiration comes from Angela Liddon announcing the release of her second cookbook Oh She Glows Every Day… and one sentence from this article by Stephen Moegling, the founder of the Inside Out Plan, that illuminated my morning: To get to your ideal self, you have to love the eternal You—the You that you don’t ever see in the mirror but you feel…

NoCookWeek #1 Frozen Berries, Kids & Sugar

It has really been too hot around here to cook, bake or simply think about anything but water, smoothies, salads and even more water. Summer has laid its usual traps for my kids: they crave for limonade, fruit juice and icecream… Don’t you think it is sometines tricky to please them, feed them and avoid useless sugars? I never add sugar to their morning…

Week-end inspiration

Hello, dear food lovers! This week-end meal inspiration is all GREEN, starting with this delicious Ginea Hen Egg from Kingsley (photo Garance Dore, recipe Roxanne Spruance) and this incredible Matcha Cheesecake from the Raw Chef Russel James Enjoy yourself with these two recipes!