What Elle McPherson eats in a day

I often get scared when I read what models or balerinas eat in a day but doctor Laubschner’s gave Elle.com a very healthy insight of what the supermodel eats. Let’s make this your wednesday’s inspiration! Advertisements

Wake Up Juice

For a nice awakening between two seasons, here is a quick morning juice that will boost your immune system. All you need is to blend: 3 oranges 1 lemon 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder 8 drops of grapefruit seeds extract Have a tremendous week!  

Monday Inspiration #1

My Monday inspiration comes from Angela Liddon announcing the release of her second cookbook Oh She Glows Every Day… and one sentence from this article by Stephen Moegling, the founder of the Inside Out Plan, that illuminated my morning: To get to your ideal self, you have to love the eternal You—the You that you don’t ever see in the mirror but you feel…

Today’s Routine: Yoga Dance

Hello, dear kitchen-ers! The weather is getting hot. I am not fierce enough to go running or do a lot of cardio. Here is the workout I enjoyed this morning. It is relaxing and soft, yet really efficient. Enjoy!  

My Ballet Routine #1

Hello, dear readers! Boon, my youngest daughter, is sick. One more cuddle and I am getting her way – except she can bounce all around the house and I am too tired for that. There is a routine I love to practice when I am less than dynamic. It is a ballet dancing inspired workout. I am far from being slim but ballet dancing…