The Gut Healer

I first decided to study nutrition a year ago when I was fed up of being always tired and sick for no reason. Not only I suffered from earaches, nose blocked and itchy skin many times a year but I also felt bloated all the time. And it is seemed to me I was unable to lose weight whatever I was eating.

On that point, I was wrong. As soon as I got myself a decent job, I put all my money on nutrition. I did not simply want to eat and cook lovely but affordable meals for a whole family, I wanted to be in shape, I wanted to run and swim again and feel energetic.

I stopped gluten for a while. Bye-bye pasta! Hello quinoa!

I threw my refined sugar pot in the bin, the cookies and processed stuff I used to buy for the kids and went for organic  cereals, veggies and fruits.

I finally started losing weight and felt so energetic I went back to the swimming pool. No more earache. The best part was that I never felt hungry or unsatisfied with my meal. I have learned the power of fat in my plates and the twist spices could bring spirit and fun to any plate.

I ran, dance and enjoyed myself so much that I started making big projects again for my personal and professional life again.

Since last autumn, I have discovered the importance of probiotics.

Instead of my hot chocolate every morning, I drink fermented milk with raw cocoa powder and a tbs of honey. Thanks to probiotics, I can eat raw vegetables without being bloated and I enjoy every meal.

I haven’t lost much weight though but it seems as if in people’s eyes. I am just not bloated anymore and my body is toned, tighter thanks to the gym and sports.

Anti-inflammatory recipes – Heal Your Gut – Lee Holmes


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