Romeo’s Gut

When I started this blog I was not sure where I was heading to. I just knew I had to renew and find the right place to share my passion for food, life, photography and travel.

I named this virtual home Romeo in the Kitchen because I cook when I am in love, when I am loved, when my heart sobs or when I simply have a crush.

I cannot dissociate love from food.

An old friend of mine offered me a little cookbook for overwhelmed mums a decade ago. On the first page she wrote that “cooking is just about serving love in others’plates”.

She was so true.

Every meal tells a story. You don’t serve pasta and parmagiano to your children on Wednesday. You offer a huge hug in a bowl to those little ones who scored against their own team and don’t want to go back to school.  Ever. A mocca cake is not a mocca cake anymore when your friend arrives and smiles at the sight of the generous chocolate topping on the cake you made for her.

During my culinary love stories, I forgot one character that deserved all my love and did as much as it could to remind me of its existence. My gut. My gut didn’t consider love the way I do. No glitter, no make-up, no sugar. Just respect and true colours.



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