Magical London


This summer, Violet, Gene and Boon went on a mission. They went to London in order to bring a piece of magic back to France. It happened that they were the ones who brought magic to London this time.

Don’t let the Brexit become the Magixit, please.


Romeo’s Gut

When I started this blog I was not sure where I was heading to. I just knew I had to renew and find the right place to share my passion for food, life, photography and travel.

I named this virtual home Romeo in the Kitchen because I cook when I am in love, when I am loved, when my heart sobs or when I simply have a crush.

I cannot dissociate love from food.

An old friend of mine offered me a little cookbook for overwhelmed mums a decade ago. On the first page she wrote that “cooking is just about serving love in others’plates”.

She was so true.

Every meal tells a story. You don’t serve pasta and parmagiano to your children on Wednesday. You offer a huge hug in a bowl to those little ones who scored against their own team and don’t want to go back to school.  Ever. A mocca cake is not a mocca cake anymore when your friend arrives and smiles at the sight of the generous chocolate topping on the cake you made for her.

During my culinary love stories, I forgot one character that deserved all my love and did as much as it could to remind me of its existence. My gut. My gut didn’t consider love the way I do. No glitter, no make-up, no sugar. Just respect and true colours.


The CEO of Your Own Health

Kriss Carr

The Gut Healer

I first decided to study nutrition a year ago when I was fed up of being always tired and sick for no reason. Not only I suffered from earaches, nose blocked and itchy skin many times a year but I also felt bloated all the time. And it is seemed to me I was unable to lose weight whatever I was eating.

On that point, I was wrong. As soon as I got myself a decent job, I put all my money on nutrition. I did not simply want to eat and cook lovely but affordable meals for a whole family, I wanted to be in shape, I wanted to run and swim again and feel energetic.

I stopped gluten for a while. Bye-bye pasta! Hello quinoa!

I threw my refined sugar pot in the bin, the cookies and processed stuff I used to buy for the kids and went for organic  cereals, veggies and fruits.

I finally started losing weight and felt so energetic I went back to the swimming pool. No more earache. The best part was that I never felt hungry or unsatisfied with my meal. I have learned the power of fat in my plates and the twist spices could bring spirit and fun to any plate.

I ran, dance and enjoyed myself so much that I started making big projects again for my personal and professional life again.

Since last autumn, I have discovered the importance of probiotics.

Instead of my hot chocolate every morning, I drink fermented milk with raw cocoa powder and a tbs of honey. Thanks to probiotics, I can eat raw vegetables without being bloated and I enjoy every meal.

I haven’t lost much weight though but it seems as if in people’s eyes. I am just not bloated anymore and my body is toned, tighter thanks to the gym and sports.

Anti-inflammatory recipes – Heal Your Gut – Lee Holmes

A Tabbouleh for Romeo



Gluten Free Fresh Tabbouleh

4 servings


  • 150g of quinoa
  • 150g of millet
  • A pinch of pink Himalayan Salt
  • A pinch of green pepper
  • A handful of chia seeds
  • 6-8 little tomatoes
  • Some lettuce leaves
  • Some arugula leaves (rocket salad)
  • A bunch of fresh parsley
  • A bunch of chives
  • A bunch of mint leaves
  • The juice of 2 lemons
  • 3 tbsp of black olive oil

The magic of London has not quite left me but the sky two days ago was as bright as bright can be. Summer’s light flooded the kitchen table when I thought of preparing the meal.

Sherlock, our boldest snail, sprung out of nowhere and made its way to a bunch of mint leaves poking from a basket.

In the depth of light, I surrendered to one simple idea.


A well prepared tabbouleh is as light as light can be – yet, fully nourishing and so easy to cook my children never miss their turn to help me.

First come the grains. Then come the vegetables and herbs. Then come the dressing.

For this recipe, I used millet and quinoa. 300g. Both are gluten free and great for your health. Millet is a cereal rich in nutrients such as phosphorus and magnesium. Quinoa is not a cereal but is also full of nutrients and flavanoids.

Most people rinse the grains and soak them into boiling water for half an hour or so. I prefer to gently roast them a few minutes in a saucepan with a teaspoon of olive oil before adding the boiling water for 15/20mns.  Then I let them cool for a few hours.

Two days ago, I was lucky enough to have leftovers from the previous evening. Quinoa and millet were perfectly cooked and cooled, ready to be dressed for a summer salad.

All I had to do was to slice small and juicy tomatoes, chop lettuce and arugula leaves, chop one garlic clove, a bunch of parsley, chives and generous mint leaves I added to my bowl of grains with a handful of chia seeds.

Then I prepared the dressing. I simply mixed 3 tablespoons of olive oil (Greek and Spanish green olive oils are famous nowadays but, if you can, taste some Portugese black olive oil. My favourite!) and the juice of 2 lemons.

I added the dressing to the bowl, stirred. Then I put the salad (yes, Tabbouleh is an oriental salad) in the fridge for a while before serving it as fresh as possible.

And I enjoyed the light.


One End Of a Summer: Le Goûter


One End Of A Summer